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Micro Scooters

Technical Information

How to replace the handle grips on your Original Mini Micro scooter

To get the old handle grips off – you may need a bit of muscle.  You should be able to simply twist and pull them off.   However we also have some tricks if muscle isn’t enough….

You can cut the old handle grips off (carefully!) with scissors

To put new handle grips on simply twist and push on to the handlebar.

Alternatively, spray the inside of the new grip/s with a small squirt of hairspray!  This helps the grip to slide on to the handle grip and then acts like a glue to keep them in place.

More Information

Tools required:




We pride ourselves in offering the highest engineering, design and build quality of all scooters on the market.  This extends to making sure we are the expert on scooter maintenance.  Read our tips on how to keep your Micro scooter in fantastic working condition here:

Micro Handle Grips for Mini & Maxi Scooters - Sold Singularly


Suitable for all Mini & Maxi Micro scooters. 

Supplied in singles to allow complete customisation of your scooter.

See below for a guide on how to remove your old grips and replace with the new ones.
In stock
  • Sold singularly so you can customise your scooter
  • 17 colours to choose from – mix and match your grips to find a style to suit you
  • See the technical information boxes for our tips on how to replace your handle grips

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