Stunt Scooters
Micro’s range of stunt scooters are non folding scooters that can be used for tricks and jumps at the skate park. Thanks to their lightweight design, these stunt scooters are equally at home on everyday journeys as they are performing tricks.

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  1. BASE Youngster Chilli Scooter: Neochrome
  2. REAPER All Star Chilli Scooter: Grim
  3. Micro Crossneck Scooter Gold | Micro Scooters UK
  4. ZERO V2 Pro Riders Chilli Scooter: Silver/Red
  5. ARCHIE COLE Pro Riders Chilli Scooter: Black
  6. BASE All Star Chilli Scooter: White
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Chilli Scooters
Renowned in the stunt world for producing high spec, long lasting stunt scooters for kids, our range of Chilli stunt scooters are made with the same aluminium used in airplane wings. Chilli is the sister brand to Micro and has a huge following of stunt riders across the world. Chilli produces scooters to help kids become athletes. Allowing them to ride with confidence. In total safety so they can show off their skills and aim for the top.

The Micro range of stunt scooters are lightweight yet solid – designed for tricks and jumps at the skate park. Micro quality and attention to detail run throughout allowing your emerging stunt scooter rider to perfect their tricks in style and with the utmost safety.

The BASE is a Chilli crafted and branded stunt scooter. Engineered using the same materials found in airplane wings the BASE has been expertly designed to help kids learn bigger and better tricks with ease.

The Cross Neck is the stunt scooter of choice for older, taller riders. The Cross Neck is so named because of its strong one-piece head tube and down-tube construction. It is a fantastic choice for riders aged 7-15 years.

A sleek, top spec scooter, that won’t look out of place in any skatepark that is sure to be a hit at the skatepark. Please note the Cross Neck stunt scooter does not fold. All good stunt scooters do not fold – this is to maintain the strength of the scooter when a child is performing jumps, tricks or stunts.

The Chilli Reaper scooter is the finest premium stunt scooter for older/taller kids looking to impress at the skatepark and hugely improve their skills. Expertly crafted, using the same materials as airplane wings for a durable yet intuitive ride. With the world famous, unique Chilli Spider HIC Compression system meaning the Reaper is compatible with any brand of stunt scooter. THE choice for mastering skate and street riding.

Our Pro Rider Archie Cole developed his personal signature scooter The Archie Cole based on the geometry of the popular all-round beginner model, the Chilli REAPER.

The ZERO V2 belongs to the “Riders Choice Chapter”, the high-end segment of Chilli. It was especially designed for riders who already have mastered all the basics and have professional standards.


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