Stunt Scooters
Micro’s range of stunt scooters are non folding scooters that can be used for tricks and jumps at the skate park. Thanks to their lightweight design, these stunt scooters are equally at home on everyday journeys as they are performing tricks.

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  1. Micro MX Trixx Scooter Grey | Micro Scooters UK
  2. Micro Ramp Stunt Scooter Black | Micro Scooters UK
  3. IZZY Youngster Chilli Scooter: Earth
  4. BASE All Star Chilli Scooter: Blue
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Chilli Scooters
Renowned in the stunt world for producing high spec, long lasting stunt scooters for kids, our range of Chilli stunt scooters are made with the same aluminium used in airplane wings. Chilli is the sister brand to Micro and has a huge following of stunt riders across the world. Chilli produces scooters to help kids become athletes. Allowing them to ride with confidence. In total safety so they can show off their skills and aim for the top.

The Micro range of stunt scooters are lightweight yet solid – designed for tricks and jumps at the skate park. Micro quality and attention to detail run throughout allowing your emerging stunt scooter rider to perfect their tricks in style and with the utmost safety.
Stunt Scooter Guide

The Micro Ramp kids stunt scooter for ages 5-12 is a fantastic first stunt scooter.

Swiss designed and engineered to make it easy for children to learn jumps, hops and tricks easily and quickly. The Micro Ramp features slightly higher and wider handlebars than the MX Trixx for better control over the scooter.

The Micro Ramp scooter does not fold, it has a fixed height handlebar which maintains it strength and rigidity when used for tricks. The scooter can also be used as an everyday scooter to get from A-B.

A scooter to encourage your child to get outside and move; that can handle a scooter ramp as well as the school run, the Micro MX Trixx is exactly that.

The MX Trixx is ideal for children looking to spend more time at the skate park and comes with stunt pegs included. The stunt scooter is engineered from lightweight aluminium, it is quick and nimble, meaning young riders can manoeuvre it with ease.

With a shorter, narrower handlebar, the MX Trixx is suited for children who will spend most of their time at the skate park.

The BASE is a Chilli crafted and branded stunt scooter. Engineered using the same materials found in airplane wings the BASE has been expertly designed to help kids learn bigger and better tricks with ease.

Exquisitely engineered by the world renowned Chilli Pro scooter team the IZZY is the crème de la crème of stunt scooters for younger kids. The wide deck gives enough room to learn bigger and better tricks. The lightweight frame makes it easy to handle – great for performing harder jumps. The best scooter for becoming master of the skatepark.

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