Moments That Matter
This Christmas more than ever, at team Micro we are focusing on time spent well. Time apart has reminded us all of the joy of being together. Large periods indoors have helped us to value the freedom of exploring outdoors. And this period of uncertainty has affirmed the importance of looking after ourselves, each other and our world.
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Mix and Match Accessories

Mini Micro 3in1 CLASSIC Scooter: Pink
Micro Explorer Electric Scooter
Now £599.95 Was £999.95
Micro Merlin Electric Scooter
Now £499.95 Was £899.95
Maxi Micro Deluxe Pro Scooter: Purple
FLEX CLASSIC Micro Scooter: Silver
Now £124.95 Was £149.95
Micro XL Trike: Black
Now £59.95 Was £89.95
DOWNTOWN Micro Scooter: Black

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Expected Back 19/07/2021