Over its lifetime your scooter may need to have a worn part replaced.   We make it easy for you to do so.
So whether you are repairing, handing the scooter down to a younger sibling, or wanting to sell your scooter on. Our range of key parts, suite of instructional videos and 7-day a week support will ensure your scooter withstands the test of time. Built to last, built to outlast.
Need help with a scooter repair?
Want to speak to an expert?
Simply book a free Whatsapp video or call back appointment with us.  Tell us your  original order number and a brief description of your issue and we will help you resolve your issue.
Appointment availability times
Personal shopping
Monday-Friday 10am-3:45pm

Non-electric scooters
Monday-Friday 10am-3:45pm

Electric scooters
Tuesday-Thursday 9:30 – 10:45am
For any other queries please contact us using Livechat.