Light up scooters
Introducing the new light up scooters from Micro. These scooters come with bright LED wheels that feature innovative induction charging, meaning you’ll never need to replace the batteries! Micro’s range of light up scooters are available on the award winning Mini Micro, Maxi Micro and 3in1 scooter.

Can it really be true? A Mini Micro Deluxe with endless LED wheels to ‘Light-up Every Day’ journeys. This deluxe scooter comes with an adjustable handlebar to start scooting from just 2 years old, an anodised stem, extra grippy deck and a superior brake; all with the added excitement of bright, everlasting light up wheels.

So if you’re looking for a Mini Micro scooter with all the bells and whistles, the Mini Deluxe LED has it all...well, brilliantly bright LED wheel lights anyway. Bells and whistles sold separately.

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Every journey becomes an adventure with a Micro Scooter, but now your Micro can literally brighten up even the most mundane outing.

Our Maxi Micro Deluxe light up scooter incorporates exceptionally bright, motion-powdered LED wheels with the award-winning Maxi Micro Deluxe. LED wheels offer greater safety while scooting on dull days or dark evenings, but also adds a touch of sparkle to the daily routine.

Take the magic wherever you scoot and Light-up Every Day with a Maxi Micro Deluxe LED.

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A ride-on, toddler and Mini Micro scooter all in one. The cleverly adaptable and exquisitely designed 3in1 Mini Micro will be the only ride-on toy you will need, as the scooter will adapt as your child grows, now with everlasting light-up wheels to satisfy those youngsters who love to bring a touch of sparkle to the daily routine.

Use the seat at 12 months, until they are confident enough on their feet; at around 18 months, the O-bar will teach them to scoot with greater control, which can then be upgraded to the T-bar once they have found their stride, from around 3yrs .

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How long do the batteries last on Micro's light up scooters?

All of Micro's light up scooters feature an innovative induction charging system that means the light up wheels will never need new batteries or charging up.

WCan I get a light up scooter in different colours?

Yes, all of our Create Your Own scooters come with light up wheels. This means that you can design a scooter as unique as your child with light up wheels.

Create Your Own 3in1 scooter here >

Create your own Mini Micro scooter here >

Create your own Maxi Micro scooter here >

Do you sell the light up wheels separately?

Yes, these are available as spare parts so you can fit them to existing scooters.

You can buy the light up wheels for the 3in1 and Mini Micro here >

You can buy the wheels for the Maxi Micro here >

Will the light up wheels fit on any other scooter?

Yes, you can replace the front wheel of a Micro Sprite with the light up wheel from a Mini Micro. This is the light up wheel that you will need. Please note that light up wheels are only sold as a pair.

How do you fit light up wheels to existing scooters?

It's really easy, just watch our video below.

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