Micro Cruiser Personalised Blue SA0168

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Please double check your spelling as once we have printed we cannot exchange or refund personalised items. We are able to print capital letters and numbers. We can print any symbols on the QWERTY keyboard . The text will appear as capital letters eg. BEN1, @BEN1, #BEN1.

  • Our big wheeled Micro Cruiser is now available for you to personalise the name on the deck. We can personalise using lower case, capitals and numbers.

  • 5 to 10 years
  • Max rider weight 100kg
  • Rider height 110cm-146cm
  • Scooter weight 4.5kg
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Foldable
How Your Personalised Scooter Will Appear
The name will be printed in white writing, on our dark grey grip tape - as shown in the image. We pers... Read More > onalise using capitals and numbers. So your child's name could appear as CHRISTOPHER or CHRISTOPHER 97. We can only display names up to 16 characters long. We cannot accommodate symbols so please do not use these

We are unable to refund personalised products, so please check the spelling in the box above very carefully.

As this is a bespoke, handmade scooter your personalised scooter will arrive within 7-10 working days.

Our sporty Cruiser is for school runs, weekend adventures and everything in-between. Its large 200mm wheels are designed to help kids scoot smoother, faster, further - reducing the amount of effort needed and absorbing any bumps in the road. With innovative bicycle-style handlebars for added control and low footplate for added stability, two-wheel first-timers can hit the ground running. Our wide retro style handlebars are also adjustable - so the scooter can grow with the child. And our handy kickstand and simple fold mean the Cruiser is as easy to store as it is to ride.
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Perfect little extras
Micro Classic Metallic Blue Helmet
Micro Noise Maker: Blue
Micro Light - Black
Micro Light - Black
Micro Lock: Blue
Micro Lock: Blue
Larger wheels for speed and comfort
Large 200mm wheels absorb bumps in the road while reducing the effort needed to pick up pace - making it easier for kids to scoot further, faster.
Wider handlebars for control
Chopper handlebars don't just give retro style cred, they also deliver enhanced control through their wider proportions. That's a win-win, we think.
Lower footplate for stability
Our cleverly designed footplate sits lower to the ground than other two-wheel scooters - making it easier for children to balance and giving a more stable, safer ride.
Scooting pioneers
Inventors of the original two-wheeled scooter. Over two decades of innovation. Over 250 design awards (and counting)
Swiss by nature
Designed and engineered in Switzerland. Uncompromising attention to detail. Total precision - each scooter designed with a specific use in mind.
Built to last
Made with replaceable parts to last a lifetime of scooting. Tested to withstand the toughest adventures. Designed to grow and adapt.
"Is the Micro Cruiser Scooter right for my child?If your child is eager for a 2 wheeled scooter then we think the Micro Cruiser is simply the best choice for them. It provides the perfect introduction to two wheeled scooting because it is lightweight, easy to manage and durable. Lots of children prefer the more 'grown up' look of a two wheeled scooter and the Micro Cruiser matches this perfectly not only in terms of style but substance. Swiss design and engineered the Micro Cruiser provides quality at its very finest. Does my child need to wear a helmet?We always recommend that children should wear helmets when scooting. It is important that your child's helmet fits correctly (see our video tutorial here). We also have tips on encouraging your child to scoot safely. Please visit our Scoot Safe section here >> What height are the adjustable handlebars?The handlebars of the Micro Cruiser Scooter can be extended from 60cm to 88cm. The adjustable handlebars makes the scooter easier to store and will ensure years of fun as your child grows. Is the Micro Cruiser Scooter easy to fold?Absolutely! The outstanding Micro Cruiser Scooter can be folded quickly and easily. This innovative design feature allows for simple transportation and compact storage. Will my child be able to steer the Micro Cruiser Scooter?Yes, our highly acclaimed Micro Cruiser Scooter is very easy to steer. The scooter has been ingeniously engineered with 360 degree steering to be controlled like a bike. Does the Micro Cruiser scooter conform to European safety standards?As you would expect of a Swiss designed and engineered scooter the Micro Cruiser scooter conforms to European safety standard EN14619. What else do I need to know about the Micro Cruiser?You can see the Cruiser is not a cumbersome scooter rather its lightweight yet strong aluminium frame allows for easy storage and transportation. The footplate is 32cm long - more than enough space for a growing child's feet. Will I need any replacement parts for Micro Cruiser?We stock replacements for every part of your Micro Cruiser scooter which means your scooter will go on forever. It's easy and simple to repair, replace or revamp your Micro Cruiser. You will find everything you need in the spares section of our website (including instructional videos). View replacement parts for the Micro Cruiser >> "
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