Q: Tell me the things i need to know about the micro balance bike

A: The Micro Balance Bike is suitable for children weighing up to 20kg / 3 stone 2lb. The Micro Balance Bike itself weighs 3.2kg/7lbs. Swiss designed and engineered the Micro Balance Bike is the best first bike for toddlers.

Q: How does the micro balance bike steer?

A: Children sit on the Micro Balance bike with their feet touching the ground and move along. With no pedals, heavy chains, stabilisers or mechanical insides balance bikes are often lighter and easier to manoeuvre then traditional bicycles. Children turn the handlebars of the balance bike in the direction they want to go.

Q: How adjustable is the seat on the micro balance bike?

A: The seat is completely adjustable and can be set at any height from 360mm-420mm from the ground.

Q: Are the handlebars on the micro balance bike adjustable?

A: Yes, the height of the handlebars can be adjusted to any height between 51-53.5cm. This allows the bike to grow with your child.

Q: Is a micro balance bike right for my child?

A: Balance bikes are a fantastic way to teach young children balance and co-ordination skills. Mastering a balance bike, in our experience, often sees children make the transition to a “grown up” bike much quicker and easier. The frame of the Micro Balance Bike is made from lightweight aluminium, making it approximately half the weight of comparable models so it can be easily carried or put on the back of a pram.

Q: What else do i need to know about the micro balance bike?

A: The wheels on the balance bike are puncture and mark free meaning the bike can be used indoor and out. The size of the wheels measure 20cm in diameter and are 3.5cm wide. The Balance Bike uses precision bearings and is made from aluminium.

Q: Will i have to buy replacement parts for my micro balance bike?

A: Micro Balance Bikes are so well engineered and designed they are more robust and therefore last so much longer than a cheaper balance bikes. We stock replacement parts for our balance bikes which means if you did ever need to make a repair to your bike you could do so very easily. Rather than throw the balance bike away, having the ability to make a repair to your bike to prolong its use is much more beneficial..
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