Q: Tell me the things i need to know about the Micro Luggage scooter?

A: The Micro Luggage scooter is an iconic piece of Swiss design and engineering. An ingenious piece of kit suitable for riders weighing up to 100kg/15stone 7lbs. The Micro Luggage scooter itself weighs 5kg/11lbs and has a capacity of 26 litres. The scooter footplate folds up easily and quickly turning this scooter-suitcase into a traditional piece of wheeled luggage.

Q: Can i take the Micro Luggage scooter on as hand luggage?

A: The Micro Luggage scooter is normally approved as hand luggage on most airlines. The dimensions of the Micro Luggage scooter measure 56cm x 35.5cm x 25.5cm. This makes it suitable to be taken on as hand luggage with a variety of airlines. However, airlines do sometimes change their hand luggage specifications so please do check with your airline before you travel.

Q: How does the Micro Luggage scooter steer?

A: The Micro Luggage scooter is steered with the tilt and lean style of steering. The rider moves their body in the direction the want to go. This intuitive steering style helps to make the scooting experience smoother.

Q: What else do i need to know about the Micro Luggage?

A: The footplate measures 33.8 cm long and 8.89 cm wide.The wheels of the Micro Luggage scooter measure 110mm. Important instructions; • Check that bindings are secured tightly before each use • Check adjustment of telescope function • Caution: brake can become hot • Do not ride down slopes • Close quick-action lock securely and ensure that it is correctly positioned • This product is not for children • Only one foot is allowed on the board at a time.
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