Q: Is the Maxi Micro Deluxe Scooter right for my child?

A: The three wheeled scooter has been ingeniously designed for children aged 6 to 12 and can withstand a weight of up to 50kg. Whether your child has outgrown their Mini Micro Scooter or is completely new to scooting, the Maxi Micro Deluxe is the perfect set of wheels for your child. The height of the handlebar is adjustable so the scooter will grow with your child. With three sturdy wheels and innovative ‘lean to steer’ style scooting your child’s balance and co-ordination will improve as they ride.

Q: What is different about the Maxi Micro Deluxe scooter?

A: The anodised stem on the scooter protects from corrosion as well as looking fantastic. The new embossed deck grip is a fantastic benefit as well as making the scooter stand out from the crowd. What hasn’t changed is the impeccable Swiss design and engineering you would expect from a Micro crafted product.

Q: Does my child need to wear a helmet?

A: We always recommend that children should wear helmets when scooting. It is important that your child’s helmet fits correctly (see our video tutorial here). We also have tips on encouraging your child to scoot safely.

Q: What height are the adjustable handlebars?

A: The Maxi Micro Deluxe handlebars can be adjusted from 2ft 1in (67cm) to 3ft (93cm), making the scooter suitable for children 3ft 7in (110cm) to 5ft (152cm) in height. The adjustable handlebar means that your child can use their Maxi Micro Deluxe for several years so you needn’t worry about buying a replacement.

Q: Does the Maxi Micro Deluxe fold?

A: No, the Maxi Micro Deluxe is not a foldable scooter. However, the handlebar can be removed quickly from the base making it easy to store and transport.

Q: Does the Maxi Micro Deluxe scooter conform to European safety standards?

A: As you would expect of a Swiss designed and engineered scooter the Maxi Micro Deluxe has been Toy tested to EN71.
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