Q: Tell me the things i need to know about the Micro classic scooters?

A: An iconic design with Swiss engineering the Micro range is suitable for adults weighing up to 100kg / 15stone 7lb. The scooter itself is lightweight weighing 4.7kg/10.3lbs making it easy to use as part of everyday life.

Q: Tell me more about the features, design and build of the Micro classic scooters?

A: Designed and engineered by the award winning Micro Swiss team the Micro range scooters have an adjustable handlebar height (the lowest height is 72cm the highest, 103cm) a mud guard (to protect your clothes from being splashed) a stunningly strong rear brake, 200mm solid resilient wheels and a kickstand (meaning you don’t need to lean the scooter against walls).

Q: Do the Micro classic scooters fold?

A: Yes, the Micro range scooters do fold and they do so easily and quickly. This makes it ideal for storing or transporting.

Q: Is the Micro classic right for me?

A: We believe the Micro range are one of the most elegant, well-engineered, easy to use scooters around. The bigger frame and adjustable handlebar height mean you can set the scooter to suit your height – allowing for a more comfortable and easy ride. The folding mechanism allows you to carry and store the scooter with ease and the large wheels and longer, lower footplate mean the effort required to push yourself along is lessened. Whether you use the scooter as part of your journey to work, to scoot along with the children or for everyday “micro” journeys the quality, design and engineering of the scooter will withstand everything you have to throw at it (and more).

Q: What else do i need to know about the Micro classic scooter?

A: The size of the scooter folded measures 74cm x 12.7cm x 30cm. The size of the footplate measures 41cm X 12.7cm (more than enough room for bigger feet). The wheels use ABEC 5 bearings, measure 200mm at the front and 200mm at the rear.

Q: Will i have to buy replacement parts for my micro range scooters?

A: Because Micro scooters are so well engineered and designed they are more robust and therefore last so much longer than a cheaper scooter. We stock replacement parts for every single Micro scooter which means if you did ever need to make a repair to yours you could do so very easily. Rather than throw the scooter away, having the ability to make a repair to your scooter to prolong its use is much more beneficial.
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