Q: Tell me the things i need to know about the Micro Trixx stunt scooter?

A: the micro trixx is a scooter specifically designed for 5-12 year old children. The scaled swiss design and build gives younger children greater control. It packs all the fun of the stunt scooter with award winning craftsmanship.

Q: How can the Micro Trixx scooter be used?

A: the micro trixx is designed to be taken to the skate park (whether that’s indoor or outdoor) as well as for every day use. The trixx can withstand being used for stunts and jumps.

Q: Is the Micro Trixx scooter foldable?

A: no. Like most stunt scooters the trixx has been engineered in two parts and fused together which means it cannot be folded.

Q: What the specifications of the Micro Trixx scooter?

A: the deck is made from onne piece 6061 aluminium 1305gm and measures 480mm x 100mm . The foot space on the deck is 320mm. The headtube angle is 82.5°. The fork is threaded and weighs 541grams, the scooter uses a flex fender brake. Superior 5 spoke, metal core, 87a shore wheels measuring 100mm add to the spec. Finally, the scooter has a threaded compression and boasts a triple clamp.

Q: Is a Micro Trixx right for my child?

A: if your child would like to use their scooter at the skate park to perform basic jumps or tricks than the micro trixx is the perfect stunt scooter for them.

Q: Will i have to buy replacement parts for my Micro Trixx scooter?

A: micro trixx scooters are so well engineered and designed they are more robust and therefore last so much longer than cheaper stunt scooters. We stock replacement parts for our scooters which means if you did ever need to make a repair to your trixx scooter you could do so very easily. Rather than throw the scooter away, having the ability to make a repair to your bike to prolong its use is much more beneficial.
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