Scooteraid Who Has Benefited
Scooter Aid has helped over 200 good causes across the UK over the past couple of years.

Here are a few examples of the many we have helped...
A big thank you to all at Scooter Aid!

In terms of impact, we think it’s fair to say that that because we offer an affordable childcare option in an increasingly expensive town, Sevington Playgroup is a genuinely inclusive preschool.

But, like many other charity run (not for profit) preschools, Sevington Playgroup is being asked to do more with less each academic year.

As such, being gifted these scooters has meant we’ve been able to protect the quality of the equipment the children who attend Sevington Playgroup can play with outside, and that supports our purpose as a charity.

As part of this school’s strategy to get their children more active during the school day we donated a fleet of scooters and ride ons for pupils of all ages to use.

Young Bristol has evolved into one of Bristol’s leading youth charities, providing critical out-of-school services for children and young people in communities across the city.

Micro Scooters UK have kindly donated these two amazing re-designed, revamped scooters as part of their Scooter Aid initiative. The scooters have had an extra-special paint job by artists Andy Council and Bird Can Fox and are unique pieces with their own stories.

As you can tell we are chuffed to bits with them, and so will the young people who the scooters will be making their way to.

Owl Preschool requested scooters to help improve the physical development of children in their care and contacted Micro Scooters in 2017 through the scooter aid nomination form.

We cannot express how grateful we are and how much this will impact on the children’s physical development. It will help us to work towards achieving their early learning goals where they show good control and co-ordination in their large and small movements. ~ Natalie McNab, Owl Preschool

Micro scooters donated to Coram in 2018 to help support children who are going through adoption.

Coram Adoption will take the scooters to their regular adoption activity picnics for the adoptive families to meet other familes like them, and more importantly for the children to meet and make friends with other adoptive children.

Many good causes across the UK who would love to receive a scooter to pass on to a child or family that needs it.
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