We know Micro scooters are often much loved and well used. We also know there are occasions when your scooter may need a helping hand to keep it in perfect scooting condition.

As the official Micro Scooters distributor we want to make sure that you get excellent value for money from your scooter which is why we stock all replacement parts for each and every Micro Scooter we sell. If you know which part of your scooter is worn or broken then use the diagram of the Speed scooter to choose from the parts below. We also stock mint and black coloured spares.

If you are unsure and want some advice, please call our customer service team on 0333 320 1030. We also have instructional videos to teach you how to repair your 3in1 Mini Micro scooter.

We hope you have many more happy years of scooting!

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  1. 1006 (8 pts) - Locking Clamp new style Aluminium
  2. 1009 - Push Button Blue
  3. Kickstand with 2 screws - 1196
  4. Spacer for back wheel - 1182
  5. Push Button Silver - 1198
  6. 1001 (2Pts) - Back Axle Bolt 40mm
  7. Axle Bolt 59mm - 1205
  8. 1031 (2 pts) - Bolt for Holder Plates - 19mm
  9. 1004 (2 pts) - Bolt for Folding Block 44mm
  10. 1553 - Folding Block And Kickstand Screw
  11. 1161 - Board Fixation Screw - Alluminiums
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