COMING SOONThe new electric scooterrange from Micro
Power to you
Our range of electric scooters for adults are Swiss designed and engineered. Expertly crafted using only the finest parts – for the safest, smoothest, and best e scooters available. From fast charging, in built suspension and a wealth of safety features, electric scooters made by Micro are built to last, built to outlast. Currently electric scooters are not legal in the UK apart from on private property or via e scooter rental schemes.
Ripping up the UrbanMobility RulebookThinking big. Daring to be different. What makes Micro Micro. What underpins our greatest innovation yet. Introducing the Microlino – created by rippingup the urban mobility rulebook.
NON-ELECTRIC ADULT SCOOTERSFor getting from A-B in a quicker, greener, healthierand fun way. Our range of adult scooters are all foldable, adjustable and built to last. For the schoolrun, the journey to work or for the dash to the shops.Hop on. Push off. Never look back.