Innovating in sustainable manufacture
Turning ghost nets into greener decks
The Issue
Ghost nets – fishing nets that have been lost or discarded in the ocean – make up 10% of marine litter.

Their impact is serious and it’s growing. Each year they kill or injure millions of animals, including dolphins, whales and turtles.

Each year they smother live coral reefs and introduce destructive parasites to reef environments.

Our oceans and their marine life need help.

Our Approach
We are working with partners to remove dangerous ghost nets from our oceans and transform them into the materials used to create our scooter decks. The result is cleaner oceans and greener scooters. One more step on our planet-friendly journey.

Net to deck
The Scooter Process

Turning plastic bottles into clean accessories
The Issue
Every year 8 million ton of non-biodegradable plastic enter our oceans. That’s enough plastic to circle the earth 425 times.

These plastic pollutants have a devastating impact on marine life. Each year they kill over 100,000 marine animals and injure many more.

Each year they smother coral reefs and spread disease that causes irretrievable damage.

This urgent issue is something we can all help to tackle.

Our Approach
Working with expert partners, we are helping to remove plastics from the ocean and transform them into rPET – recycled polyester yarn that is used to create our accessories. The result is cleaner oceans, and a second life for plastics that would otherwise pollute them for years to come. We are initially rolling this out across a selected range of accessories – but we are working hard to use recycled ocean plastics across more of our accessories range as quickly as we can.

Bottle to bag (and more…)
The Accessory Process